Hey, I'm Rob Mayes.
I'm a web and user interface designer from Clevedon, just outside Bristol.

I specialise in website & user interface design although my skills don't end there.
I hand-code all my of own websites so I'm a pretty experienced front end developer too and I do like to stretch out and play with a bit of print & branding from time to time.

My skills

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I can't take on any major new projects at the moment but I have got some availability to take on some smaller jobs. Drop me a line, I'd love to be able to help and make something awesome for you.

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How my work generally breaks down

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 Reach 4 Support Flyer

Reach Community Services

Reach Community Services are a specialist support group providing support and opportunities for adults with learning disabilities in and around Bewdley.

I created their identity, flyers and a brief holding page.

 Reach 4 Support Website
 Consensus Webletter for the Tehidy Campaign
 Consensus Newsletter for the Tehidy Campaign

Tehidy Information Print & Web Newsletter

Consensus Communications Limited is a business that bridges the gap between larger development companies and the community around the development.

Tehidy is an example of both a print and web campaign.
*Artists impressions are not my work.

www.tehidy.info | PDF Newsletter

 BMT Defence Services Ltd iPad Brochure App

BMT Defence Services Brochure App

BMT Defence Services Ltd regularly attend the annual DSEi exhibition. To save the mountain of literature usually associated with exhibitions, BMT decided to produce a custom iOS brochure app for iPads that would be mounted on the stand.

I worked with BMT to design the app. They then developed the app in-house.

 Gym Professor Shuffle iPhone App

Gym Professor Shuffle App

The Gym Professor is a massive resource for anyone looking to exercise, train or use a gym. All this information is held in a website and series of books, neither of which are massively accessible in a gym, so Matt approached me with the idea of creating a workout app that people could use as a guide as they work out.

View on the app store
www.gymprofessorshuffle.com | www.gymprofessor.com

My extended team

Part of my long term plan is to create a cooperative studio, gaining the benefits and resource of a larger agency without the limitations and overheads. I'm not quite there yet, but I have started to build an awesome team of people I can rely on.


Graeme White

Wordpress and front-end web developer


Mike French

Photographer and creative designer


Paul Graves

Graphic and print designer


Steve Hughes

Graphic and print designer


Tom Sapey

Magento, JS, CSS and PHP developer


Hire me or just say hey

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About me! Whoop!

If you're this far down the page I guess you want to know a little more about me.

I first started to pick up design at City of Bristol College back in the Flash craze. After that I took a bit of a side step into glass engraving, which actually gave me quite a unique look at typesetting, as thats pretty much all I had to work with on glass.

From there I wandered back into web, print and exhibition design as the in-house designer for Roland DG. In November 2010 I set out on my own and started Mohunky. Now, after a 9 month contract at Sparkol, I'm back working on Mohunky and looking to start up a cooperative studio.

Outside of working hours, I love riding my bike (if you hadn't guessed already!). I'm also a keen tabletop gamer, (geek alert) playing both Warhammer 40,000 & X-Wing and a keen miniatures painter, if you're interested, you can see my painting over at Grim Darkness.

If you want to know more than that, you're going to have to scroll up a bit and use the form to drop me a line.


Returning the favour (design resources)

I consider myself a mostly self taught designer and I couldn't have done it without a number of great people around the web. I can't repay everyone that has helped me along the way but hopefully I can keep the ball rolling and help others.


Dot Grid Sketch Paper

I always start with pen and paper, although I still need a bit of structure at this level so I use a dot grid paper. Rather than buy a specific pad I just print out a couple of pages of this dot grid paper and grab a Sharpie.


Mohunkys RWD Framework

When I first started out, I quickly realised I was redoing work when I started coding a website. So I created a set of base files and code. Since then I've worked back from code to design to smooth out the translation. This is the 12 column framework and PSD template I use to create most of my websites, including this one. Hopefully it can save you guys as much time as it saves me.

Example and Download

Pixel Perfection in Adobe Illustrator

I usually pull my designs together in Photoshop but I found I had a different style using Illustrator so its good to know how to get designs right in both Adobe apps. Here's how I did it.

Read Tutorial

HTML Character Reference

I could never find a good resource for HTML special characters when I needed them, so I just decided to create my own.

View Reference

Responsive Width Display

This is a part of my framework but also a handy standalone. Bit of a random one, there's occasions where JS and CSS see a different viewport width. And that can be messy, but it's generally just pretty handy to see the viewport width when you're developing a site.

Example and Download