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Last Updated: 21/12/2019 | Published By: Rob Mayes

CSS Font Weights

100 - Thin
200 - Light
300 - Semi-light
400 - Normal
500 - Medium
600 - Semi-bold
700 - Bold
800 - Extra-bold
900 - Heavy

Em Sizes

When the base font size hasn't been mashed with:

1px  - 0.0625em
2px  - 0.125em
3px  - 0.1875em
4px  - 0.25em
5px  - 0.3125em
6px  - 0.375em
7px  - 0.4375em
8px  - 0.5em
9px  - 0.5625em
10px - 0.625em
11px - 0.6875em
12px - 0.75em
13px - 0.8125em
14px - 0.875em
15px - 0.9375em
16px - 1em

MRWD Breakpoints

Equivalent Shortname Pixel Widths
Desktop .all 1233px and bigger
Laptop .lap 1232px to 1025px
Tablet Large .tbl 1024px to 811px
Tablet Small .tbs 810px to 601px
Mobile Large .mbl 600px to 401px
Mobile Small .mbs 400px and smaller
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