Folder structure and file naming

Last Updated: 05/11/2020 | Published By: Rob Mayes

With such a wide range of skills usually involving several freelancers across multiple projects, we need to reign in the freedom at some point.

Following a simple folder structure and naming convention means every one can find what they need when they need it. No time wasted asking colleagues where files are.

Folder Structure

Organising Clients

We'll start right at the very bottom of the pile, all client work lives under the /Clients/ folder.

It's then broken down into a folder per client, obviously. For instance /Clients/Client Name/ Client folders always use the clients name, capitalised as the client would write it, using spaces and any special characters.

For example Microsoft would appear under the clients folder as /Clients/Microsoft/

Organising Projects

There's two ways to organise client work within a client folder, and that all depends on the type of client, either a traditional client, or another agency client.

We'll start with the simplest, a traditional client where all work is completed directly for that client:

1. Traditional Clients

Quite simply, each project for a client lives under their client folder, following a certain naming format.

Each project will have a P# number (The 'P' stands for 'Project' ;) ) from RoninApp. It'll also usually acquire a name during the estimating stage, such as "Adding a blog to marketing website". These two elements become the project folder name following this format: P[Number] - [Project Name]

For example /Clients/Microsoft/P706 - Adding a blog to the marketing website

Leaving you with a folder like this:
Example project folders

1. Agency Clients

Agency clients can get a little messier so we add two folders in here to separate the work. These two folders are a /Projects/ folder and a /Clients/ folder.

The /Projects/ folder will contain all work completed directly for that agency. For instance if they design a new website and want us to build it. That project would live under the /Projects/ folder. For instance: /Clients/Creative Agency/Projects/P705 - New agency website Otherwise this folder follows all the rules.

Usually, you'll be working with the agency for an end client, in which case all the work should live under a client folder in the /Clients/ folder, and then again follow the usual project folder naming above. In this case a project folder might look like:
/Clients/Creative Agency/Clients/Google/P723 - Email Template Development

File Naming

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