Bespoke web, mobile & desktop apps

Reliable, maintainable, expandable software and applications for any situation.

App specific User Interface and User Experience Design

We've got a long history of designing practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces for many different types of applications.

Apps have a very specific function and goal for the end user to achieve. That means the design relies less on creativity and more on practical problem solving.

Due to their scale, and ongoing lifespan, we'll usually create an interface design language rather than design an entire interface as is more common in website design.

Micro Services Development & Deployment

Micro services are the often over looked business tools that just make day to day life easier. A simple private document library for your staff to check in on, or a stock monitoring portal to save resellers calling or emailing to check stock numbers a hundred times a day,

The hard part is knowing you have a problem to solve, the easy part (for us) is building it for you. Then you can sit back and enjoy a tea/coffee/beer with all the free time you've gained.

Web App Service Development & Deployment

Custom web apps use the same technologies we use every day for our websites. The only difference is apps usually have more specific user cases, requirements and features.

So whether you need a customer portal, a staff engagement system, a booking system with account and calendar integration, a product management portal or literally anything you can think of we already have the experience and resources to build it for you.

Mobile Application Design & Development

The mobile app markets are pretty saturated these days, but there's still call for new native mobile apps. Creating a specific mobile app version of your primary web app or service allows you (and us) to concentrate on that specific audience and user experience, there's so many more options to ensure it's just plain easier to use.

As all our web apps and mobile apps start life on the same technologies and code languages we'll have no problem building a solid integrated set of web and mobile apps.

Microsoft Azure Premium App Service Hosting

We host all our web apps on Microsofts Azure cloud computing service, using Virtual Machines or Web App Services. Virtualised computing means we don't have to worry about any hardware problems, that means less maintenance costs for us, you, and for your website. Both use Microsoft-managed UK based data centres.

Start a project

If you have a specific project in mind, or you’re not sure what you need, please get in touch, come and have a chat! We love to help, even if it’s just for friendly advice.

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