Examples of my work

I've worked on quite a few cool projects over the years. I won't bore you with every single one, but here's a selection of some I really enjoyed.

I've got plenty more to show, if you want to see more examples then drop me a line.

 Reach 4 Support Flyer

Reach Community Services

Reach Community Services are a specialist support group providing support and opportunities for adults with learning disabilities in and around Bewdley.

I created their identity, flyers and a brief holding page.

 Reach 4 Support Website
 Consensus Webletter for the Tehidy Campaign
 Consensus Newsletter for the Tehidy Campaign

Tehidy Information Print & Web Newsletter

Consensus Communications Limited is a business that bridges the gap between larger development companies and the community around the development.

Tehidy is an example of both a print and web campaign.
*Artists impressions are not my work.

www.tehidy.info | Tehidy PDF Newsletter

 BMT Defence Services Ltd iPad Brochure App

BMT Defence Services Brochure App

BMT Defence Services Ltd regularly attend the annual DSEi exhibition. To save the mountain of literature usually associated with exhibitions, BMT decided to produce a custom iOS brochure app for iPads that would be mounted on the stand.

I worked with BMT to design the app. They then developed the app in-house.

 Gym Professor Shuffle iPhone App
Gym Professor iPad

Gym Professor Shuffle App

The Gym Professor is a massive resource for anyone looking to exercise, train or use a gym. All this information is held in a website and series of books, neither of which are massively accessible in a gym, so Matt approached me with the idea of creating a workout app that people could use as a guide as they work out.

View on the app store
www.gymprofessorshuffle.com | www.gymprofessor.com