Custom App Development

As the web matures, and monolithic software packages become a thing of the past, the two are combining naturally in the middle. Having web developers and software engineers in the team means we naturally combine in that same middle ground. Web Apps might serve very different functions but its all the same day to day work we love.

App specific User Interface and User Experience Design

We've got a long history of designing practical, functional, and aesthetically pleasing user interfaces for many different types of applications.

Apps often have a very specific function and goal for the end user. That means the design usually relies heavily on problem solving and user centred practicality. Whatever type of App you need, our expert UX/UI team will ensure that you have a high quality interface with sound usability.

Due to the scale, larger investment and longer expected lifespan of apps, we will create a user interface design language rather than traditionally "design every screen". This gives us a toolbox that we can use to build the app, ensure we maintain consistency, and continually evolve the app as it and your business grow and evolve.


Micro Services Development

Micro services are the brilliant functional tools that can either be used individually to make your day to day business life easier or as parts of a much bigger app or network of apps.

Whether you need a simple private document library for your staff to check in on, or a stock monitoring portal to save resellers repeatedly contacting you for stock updates, the hard part is knowing you have a problem to solve, the easy part is us building a solution for you.

You can then sit back and enjoy the free time you've gained knowing your business is doing the hard work for you.


Custom Integration

Custom Web Apps don't have to be all singing and dancing stand alone systems. You may just need a simple app to link existing parts of your business together. A simple ePoS app linking an existing ecommerce store with your bricks and mortar store to track inventory for example. Or integrating your website with your existing HR system to ease advertising of vacancies and onboarding new staff. (We've developed both of these examples)

If a simple app that bridges a gap in your business is all that you need, we'd love to solve that problem!


Web App Development

More and more traditional software developers are turning to web apps for speed of deployment, maintenance and continual improvement. Microsoft Teams, Outlook etc, Slack, ClickUp and design softwares like Figma, are all web apps fulfilling a role traditional reserved for full desktop applications.

Custom web apps use the same technologies we use every day for our marketing and brochure type websites, the only difference being apps usually have more specific use cases, requirements and features.

So whether you need a customer portal, a staff engagement system, a booking system with account and calendar integration, a product management portal, or literally anything you can think of to make your business run smoother - We already have the experience and resources to build it for you.


Native Mobile App Development

The mobile app markets are pretty saturated these days, but there's still high demand for new native mobile apps since we all use our mobile devices for hours each day. We have no problem building a solid integrated set of web and mobile apps as they are all based on the same technologies and code languages anyway. Native apps just have a few extra hoops to jump through to get them into the App Stores.

Creating a specific mobile app version of your primary web app or service allows you (and us) to concentrate on that specific audience and user experience - There's so many more options to ensure it's just easier to use!


Microsoft Azure Premium Website Hosting

The techy bit… We host all our websites on Microsoft Azure cloud computing service, using Virtual Machines or Web App Services. (Both use Microsoft-managed UK based data centres) Virtualised computing means we don't have to worry about hardware problems (disk drives corrupting, breaking, expiring) meaning less maintenance costs for us, you, and for your website.


App Design Packages

Bespoke Integration

From £ 5,000 + VAT

A custom integration between existing systems, bridging a gap in your business.

  • API integration
  • Easily expandable as requirements evolve
  • Custom Admin interfaces
  • Simple Cloud Hosting managed by us

Web App Development

From £ 15,000 + VAT

All apps have very specific and individual needs. Contact us for a price.

  • Beautiful Bespoke App Design
  • High quality UX and UI design as standard
  • Built using Umbraco to grow
  • Easy cloud hosting

Native Mobile App

From £ 30,000 + VAT

Full build native mobile apps built on the same code base and deployed to Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

  • Beautiful Bespoke App Design
  • High quality UX and UI design as standard
  • API Integrations
  • Micro Services development
  • Custom Admin interfaces
  • Simple Cloud Hosting managed by us

Let's chat

If you have a specific project in mind, or you’re not sure what you need, please get in touch - we’d be happy to chat, even if it’s just for friendly advice!