Meet the Team

Our small, friendly team of experts will be with you every step of the way through your new website or app.

The core team

Our 'Team' includes partnered agencies as well as freelancers,
contractors and Mohunky Employees. We each have our own speciality or unique background and when brought together create an unstoppable work force without the overheads of a large agency.

Photo of Rob Mayes

Rob Mayes

Founder, UI Designer, Developer & Umbraco Expert

Founder of Mohunky, Practical UI Designer, Front-end developer and Umbraco Specialist. Often described as the ‘swan’ of the company making sure everything looks smooth running up top! Rob is a practical thinker passionate about Umbraco and what it can offer your business.

Photo of Jay Hayman

Jay Hayman

Senior .NET Developer & Software Engineer

Mohunky's Master developer and 'go to' voice of experience. The breadth of Jays portfolio is too wide to describe in a few words here. The ‘brains’ behind the scenes, there is no problem he can’t overcome, big or small. Why not challenge him with your project?

Photo of Paul Graves

Paul Graves

Creative Designer & Branding Expert

Our Creative designer, print, and branding expert. Paul is usually the reason for the confused look on our Developers faces as they try to figure out how to code the latest new design. Never scared to push the boundaries of design, he will take your company to new heights!

Photo of Natalie Mayes

Natalie Mayes

Admin & Project Assistant

Natalie keeps the Mohunky world spinning. Multi-talented, working as project assistant, accounts, and studio admin, she keeps the projects and team rolling smoothly. She is slowly edging her way into the technical side of the business.

Photo of Tom Sapey

Tom Sapey

Umbraco, Magento, Flutter, JS, CSS and PHP developer

New to, but thriving in, the world of Umbraco - you got a problem? Tom will give you 5 solutions! Always thinking and problem solving, Toms analytical reasoning and breadth of knowledge often helps the team out when stuck. He also looks after our inherited PHP clients.

Photo of Patrick Woodcock

Patrick Woodcock

Umbraco Full Stack Developer

A full stack developer specialising in JavaScript, PHP, React, Vue, Wordpress, and more recently, Umbraco. Patrick is bringing his precise and logical coding to the Umbraco team. His analytical thinking means jobs get done efficiently and without delay.

The extended team

When its busy, we need extra hands. And of course, we need skills to complement our core speciality, we inherit sites, some aren't ready to move on, some just don't need the raw horsepower of Umbraco. Thats where our extended team comes in.

Photo of Kate Evans

Kate Evans

UX, UI Designer

Kate is a highly skilled Product & UX/UI designer with over 10 years experience. With a background in creative UI design alongside experience in user research, testing and strategy allows her to guide the process from start to finish – helping us create beautiful digital products and experiences that are shaped and validated by research & data

Photo of Mike French

Mike French

Photographer & Creative Designer

A photographer with an impressive skill set specialising in candid, as well as, commercial photography. Plus, as a trained architect turned designer, Mike has an incredible eye for the detail as well as the bigger overall picture.

Photo of Ralph Media

Ralph Media

Digital Design Agency

Our friendship with Ralph Media goes both ways. We step in an help them with development work and they step in and help us with design work. The flexibility and freedom of dipping in to their work force as and when we need helps us keep our prices fair without big agency overheads.

Photo of Pete*


Senior .NET Developer

Another super switched on .NET developer with experience in both software engineering and big agency. Pete's "out in the wild" giving us an insight on industry trends and directions. *Some colleagues have their privacy protected while they work on certain contracts.

Let's chat

If you have a specific project in mind, or you’re not sure what you need, please get in touch - we’d be happy to chat, even if it’s just for friendly advice!