Hey, I'm Rob Mayes.
I'm a web designer and front end developer
from Clevedon, just outside Bristol.

I specialise in web & user interface design and building websites using Umbraco.
I hand-code all of my websites using my very own responsive framework so I'm a pretty handy front-end developer as well.
From time to time, I do like to stretch out and play with a bit of print & branding though.

My skills


I'm currently taking on work for February.
Grab me before someone else does!

I'm looking for the next big juicy project to sink my teeth into! Or in the mean time, I have some availability to fit some smaller projects in. Drop me a line, I'd love to be able to help and make something awesome for you.

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This is roughly how my working time breaks down

To help you understand if I'm the right freelancer for the job.

So far this year...

  • Nespresso's consumed
  • Websites launched
  • Miles ridden

Last updated January 2021