Website Design & Development

Beautiful scalable websites from concept through to launch, and beyond.

Responsive Web Design & User Experience

Nowadays there are so many different sized devices between mobile and desktop PC. We believe all users should have an equal user experience on whatever device they favour, the quality should never differ. We consider every device right from the wireframe through to code.

Bespoke Front End Development

We start every website with our own base starter kit, there's no point reinventing the wheel, from then on everything is bespoke, custom developed and unique to you and your website.

Expert Umbraco Implementation

We take our Umbraco implementation seriously. It’s our chosen Content Management System for a reason. Umbraco is one of the few CMS’s that allows us the flexibility to design the editors as well as the end users experience. It is also easy to scale upwards as your business develops and grows, a benefit we find package websites and other CMS’s rarely fulfill.

Google Analytics & HotJar Performance Measuring

You need to know how your website is performing if you want to continue to improve it and drive sales and/or visits. Google Analytics has been the ‘goto’ software for years now but it's not the only one out there and we prefer not to rely on it. Other apps such as HotJar and server side analytics can give you amazing insights... often a little more accurately.

Microsoft Azure Premium Website Hosting

We host all our websites on Microsofts Azure cloud computing service, using Virtual Machines or Web App Services. Virtualised computing means we don't have to worry about any hardware problems, that means less maintenance costs for us, you, and for your website. Both use Microsoft-managed UK based data centres.

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Continuous Development

Unlike a lot of agencies, we don't automatically set up ongoing regular maintenance contracts for our Umbraco based websites - they simply don't need that level of support regularly enough to warrant it. Cost effective for you, time effective for us.

We'd much rather work proactively with you, continually improving your website as and when it needs it, evolving it alongside your business as it grows and changes. On the odd occasion security updates do arise we can easily repurpose a little of that unused maintenance budget you saved to apply them.

Start a project

If you have a specific project in mind, or you’re not sure what you need, please get in touch, come and have a chat! We love to help, even if it’s just for friendly advice.

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The Process

  • Discovery

    We need a good understanding of your business, your requirements, your market and your design tastes. That sounds like a lot but we can tell a great deal from how you answer our special set of questions. Usually, you'll be pretty passionate about your business so we'll just let that speak for itself!

  • Flows & Wireframe

    Once we know what the website needs to do, we can start to figure out how we're going to achieve that, what content we need, and how it'll be spread across pages and broken up. This will all be documented in wireframes, user journeys and a sitemap.

  • Moodboard

    Now we can start digging into the aesthetics of your website. We'll start building up a picture of visual preferences, colours, elements and graphical tools using a moodboard.

  • Visual Design

    Now it's design time! We can start combining the wireframes and moodboard. We'll usually mock up a few key pages to get through this stage, there's no need to mock up every page these days.

  • Prototyping & Design Sign-off

    Traditionally, design would have been signed off before we even start coding, but we've found it more efficient to finalise the design in code. It's easier to make small alterations and show those changes across any device. (The cool kids call this in-browser design!)

  • Development

    With the design nailed down, and the front-end code very much in progress, we can start adding in the data layer, creating the editors experience in Umbraco and developing the more complicated functions of the website.

  • Delivery

    Final design and sign off - Our favourite part. Happy clients, Happy designers, Happy developers = Happy US! When everybody is happy we will drop the site into its production environment and set off a couple of party poppers and/or crack open a beer!

Start a project

If you have a specific project in mind, or you’re not sure what you need, please get in touch, come and have a chat! We love to help, even if it’s just for friendly advice.

Work with us
0781 676 5910

Related Services

  • Our core

    Website Hosting

    Umbraco websites hosted on our top of the line, regularly updated and secured dedicated Windows servers in UK datacentres.

  • Our core

    Email Hosting

    Business grade Exchange email accounts directly from Microsoft through Office 365, resold by Mohunky.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    The never ending game of maintaining your search engine ranking. Whether it's a one-off spruce up or a monthly upkeep, naturally this is a part of our offering.

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