The Team

No one person can master every skill. But a team of specialists can work together.

Core Team

Always keen to avoid being the jack-of-all trades, master-of-none, we specialise in high quality custom designed Umbraco websites and .NET web applications. Our core team therefore reflects that speciality.

Extended Team

When its busy, we need extra hands. And of course, we need skills to complement our core speciality, we inherit sites, some aren't ready to move on, some just don't need the raw horsepower of Umbraco. Thats where our extended team comes in.

  • Pete*


    Senior .NET Developer

    Another super switched on .NET developer with experience in both software engineering and big agency. Pete's "out in the wild" giving us an insight on industry trends and directions. (*Pete is not Ryan Renolds)

  • Patrick Woodcock

    Patrick Woodcock

    Full Stack Developer

    A full stack developer specialising in JaveScript, PHP, React, Vue, and Wordpress. Patrick also has some Umbraco experience to help out the core team when needed. He loves cycling and hiking too!

  • Heinrich Ferreira

    Heinrich Ferreira

    Web Designer & Wordpress Expert

    Web designer specialising in WordPress implementation. Heinrichs our master of WordPress specific plugins & hosting. (Also a keen road cyclist... but we don't hold that against him!)

  • Tom Sapey

    Tom Sapey

    Magento, Flutter, JS, CSS and PHP developer

    Tom's a very grounded developer who's knowledge helps dig some inherited clients and their PHP based websites out of some sticky situations. (He lives on a canal boat, how cool is that!)

*Some colleagues have their privacy protected while they work on certain contracts.

Start a project

If you have a specific project in mind, or you’re not sure what you need, please get in touch, come and have a chat! We love to help, even if it’s just for friendly advice.

Work with us
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Design, development and management of an Umbraco v7 and subsequent upgrade to multi-lingual Umbraco v8 website

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