Why Choose Umbraco?

The benefits of choosing Umbraco as your CMS

Posted by Natalie Mayes earlier this year

If you've been wondering 'what the deal is about Umbraco' and why we love it so much, hopefully this post will highlight some of its amazing benefits and features. We have been using Umbraco for over 10 years at mohunky and there are many great reasons why it is our preferred CMS.

Award winning CMS

Firstly - its bringing home the awards. Umbraco stole the headlines this year at the 12th annual CMS Critic People’s Choice Awards coming away with an impressive 5 main category wins! - Yes that's 5 wins! These awards quite rightly reflect Umbraco's exceptional performance and dedication to excellence in content management and should be celebrated.

• Best enterprise CMS - Umbraco
• Best headless CMS - Umbraco
• Best composable solution - Umbraco
• Best digital experience platform (DXP) - Umbraco
• Best AI solution in a CMS or DXP - Umbraco

Umbraco has firmly earned its place as a leader in the CMS industry in recent years. Its combination of flexibility, usability, scalability, security, and community support has solidified its reputation as a leading CMS platform. Who knows how many awards they will win next year!

Umbraco offers flexibility

Umbraco offers endless possibilities for developers, allowing us to easily create bespoke websites and applications tailored to your exact specifications. Umbraco can comfortably handle complex e-commerce platforms and big corporate websites, but also has the ability to be fully customised to suit smaller businesses and clients needs. Whether you are starting out with a small blog or already have an established business, Umbraco can handle it all.

This leads us quite nicely on to point number three...

Umbraco grows with you

Umbraco can be scaled to meet your exact needs. If you are a small business just stating out and want a long lasting website that will grow with your business, then Umbraco is the CMS for you. Umbraco's modular architecture allows for easy scalability. We can add or remove features as needed, ensuring the CMS remains lightweight and efficient, even as the website grows in size and complexity, reducing the need for a rebuild.

Umbraco is easy to use

No matter your skill level, you will find Umbraco easy and 'friendly' to use. An intuitive What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor easily allows you to format text, add images, and embed multimedia content directly within the CMS interface. This eliminates the need for additional tools or knowledge of HTML coding. It also puts you back in charge of your website without the need of help from others.

Umbraco is Secure

Umbraco takes security seriously and regularly releases automatic updates to address vulnerabilities and ensure the safety of user data. Hacking is rare compared to other CMS platforms which is why we trust them to look after your website.

Value for money

At the end of the day Umbraco offers a good value for money option for your business. We like the fact that it offers a number of money saving benefits to help your business.

  • You can start small and build up/add new features as budget allows
  • You don't need to pay someone to make content edits, they are easily done by you
  • Umbraco can handle growth, reducing the need for costly rebuilds
  • Scaling up doesn't incur higher subscription or licence fees
  • Umbraco websites are resource efficient giving you lower overall running costs


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