Logo Design, Branding & Art Direction

Refresh of an old logo or completely new? We'll work with you to create a visual representation of you and your business.

Examples of our Logo designs

Reach - Goals Logo

Goals Logo for Reach4Support

A logo for a sports club run for people with additional needs. The logo needed to be bright, fun and have easily identifiable sport icons.

Gym Professor - Female Logo

Female Gym Prosessor logo

A female version of the generic Gym Professor logo to apply to female specific products. The client requested to jazz it up with hot pink!

Ink Wizards - Main Logo

The simplified Ink Wizards logo

A combination of an ink drop falling through paper and a Wizards hat gives this logo a distinct and recognisable look for Ink Wizards!

Reach - Main Logo

Branding logo for Reach4Support

A simple yet friendly looking logo for Reach4Support whose clients have additional needs. Variations of this logo are used depending upon its application.

eShikShana - Main Logo

An educational logo for EshikShana

A logo created for a company specliaising in online educational resources. 'Simple' was the brief which works really effectively.

The Food Dude - Main Logo

A hand illustated logo for The Food Dude

A client designed logo which we turned into digital! They were especially keen to encorporate their love of motorbikes and give the character a likeness to themselves.

Reach - Groovy Nites Logo

Groovy Nites Logo for Reach4Support

A bright and funky disco vibe for a dance club run by Reach4Support. The client requested a groovy vibe, glitter ball and bright rainbow colours.

Reach - Social Stars Logo

A logo for Social Stars run by Reach4Support

A bright and fun logo for Reach4Support who run a social club for members with additional needs. The logo needed to be fun and easily recognisable. The logo is to be used online and in print, speficially flyers and tshirts.

Reach - Ramblers Logo

Ramblers club logo for Reach4Support

The logo is inspired by hiking and had to be bright and clear so it is easily identifiable by members with additional needs. The logo is primarily used for promotional adverts and for printing on tshirts and hoodies.

Reach - Print Works Logo

Print Works Logo for Reach4Support

A logo for a craft club where members of Reach4Support digitally print designs onto products to sell for their charity. A fun club, and a small enterprise business!

Reach - Fit Club Logo

Fit Club logo for Reach4Support

A logo encompassing lots of different sports icons to be used on tshirts for a fitness group run by Reach4Support. They asked for a fun logo which would appeal to their members.

Andy Mole Tai Kwon Do Branding

A logo which reflects the movement and power of Tai Kwon Do with a bold design. The brush strokes are also a nod to the recognisable style of Korean art.

Ink Wizards - Logo

The Full Ink Wizards Logo

Encorporating the simplified Wizards hat with the company wording and bright triangles which feature through out the branding and website.

@theGym - Main Logo

@TheGym Main Logo

A simple and easily recognisable branding logo for @TheGym which uses a kettle bell weight for the @. To be used as signage, on tshirts, and for all print and marketing materials.

One2one Glass - Logo

A simple business logo for One2One Glass

A refresh on their old logo bringing it up to date and giving it a cleaner, modern feel. The logo is to be used for all print and marketing material and to be printed for vehicle signage.

Gym Professor - Female Wrap Logo

A logo variation for Gym Professor

An extension of the original female logo designed to be a packaging sticker on product tubing. The client wanted the label to be non product specific so it could be used for any product sold.

MSM - Main Logo

Branding logo for Maggs Sport Media

A logo for a company that specialise in sports media and reporting to be used as brand recognition online and in print.

A new logo for Medical Inteligence Systems

Our creative team cleverly use a recognisable ECG wave to create the letters MIS of this logo, instantly giving it a medical association.

MJ Exhibitions - Main Logo

Exhibitor Club Logo

A logo created for a exhibition company who create exhibition stands. The X was designed to be imposing and designed to stand out, just like you want to do at an exhibition!

Blooming Colour Screenshot

A clever logo for Blooming Colour

The subtle use of lettering (B&C) to create an abstract bright floral pattern to form the logo for Blooming Colour. Their industry is all about being bright and bold so fits their business perfectly!


Logo Design Packages

As well as creating logos and branding, we can transform them into digital signatures for your emails too!


Single Logo Concept

£ 220.00 + VAT

Already know what you want but just need your idea turning into digital format? Tell us exactly how you want it to look and we will work our magic.

  • 1 x draft concept design
  • 2 rounds of revisions of concept and colour palette (additional alterations may incur an extra charge)
  • Preparation of Facebook, Print Ready, and Web ready PDF files.

Three Logo Concepts

£ 525.00 + VAT

Need some inspiration? Already have a simple idea but want to see how we can develop it further? Leave the design in our capable hands and we'll give you 3 completely different designs to choose from.

  • 3 x colourless draft concept designs
  • 1 design selected to develop further
  • Application of colour palette to preferred draft concept
  • 2 revisions of preferred concept and colour palette (additional alterations may incur an extra charge)
  • Preparation of Facebook, Print Ready, and Web ready PDF files.

Email Signature

£ 120.00 + VAT

A customised signature design is perfect for giving your emails, and business, a professional look. It puts trust in your clients that your email is from a reputable company and also gives them easy access to click through to your website or get in contact.

  • 1 x draft concept design
  • 2 rounds of revisions of concept and colour palette (additional alterations may incur an extra charge)
  • HTML and Inline CSS development
  • Testing in browser and email clients
  • Adding to Outlook and submitting editable final signature

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