Brochures, Stationery & Print Collatoral

Examples of our Print designs

Pink Oris Roller Banner for the LEC33OS-F200 printer

Blue Oris Roller Banner for the Pro4 XR-640 printer

Print banners designed to specifications to promote new printers at a printing exhibition and later to be displayed in the offices of Oris Print Packaging Solutions

Dancefit Flyer in bright orange showing silhouette of a group dancing and having fun

Reach For The Stars Disco Flyer in bright pink with stars and people dancing

Crafty Cafe Afternoon Tea Flyer with bright and fun cupcakes on a bright blue background

A few examples of different flyers designed for events run by Reach4Support. Keeping within Reachs' fun theme but offering a unique look to each flyer.

Barton Farm Newsletter for a redevelopment proposal showing outline developments

Live West Postcard inviting recipient to have their say about a local development project

Bloor Homes Postcard showing proposed plans and inviting locals to have their say

A selection of print work created for Consensus showing news letter design and printed postcards.

Aim Flyer providing information on what the company offers

Aim Flyer listing expertise of the company

Banner side panels designed for AIM to compliment the large 5 sided stand shown below.

Aim Banner - Far left hand side - Darker blue with logo

Aim Banner - Second from left showing capabilities of company

Aim Banner - Middle banner with images of machines and lasers

Aim Banner - Second from right - Showing where their expertise are used within industries

Aim Banner - Far right hand side - Bright blue with AIM logo

Example of a large 5 sided banner designed for AIM to be used at exhibitions with clear use of their logo and branding to make sure they stand out from the crowd!

Print Design Packages

Business Card Design

£ 90.00 + VAT

A bespoke business card design which showcases your existing brand/business style.

  • Artworking incorporating clients logo and branding design
  • 1 x draft concept design
  • Up to 2 revisions of artwork
  • Preparation of print ready files.
  • (Note: Print costs not included)

Flyer Design

£ 270.00 + VAT

Perfect for advertising your event or promoting your business with a flyer drop.

  • Artworking of Flyer incorporating information provided by client
  • 1 x draft concept design
  • Up to 2 revisions of artwork
  • Preparation of print ready files
  • Preparation of social media files
  • (Note: Print costs not included)

Single Banner Design

£ 180.00 + VAT

A unique banner design created to promote your event or business.

  • Artworking of standard roller / pop-up banner
  • Matching to supplied specifications based on client sourced printing
  • 1 x draft concept design
  • Up to 2 revisions of artwork
  • Preparation of print ready files
  • (Note: Print costs not included)

Cant see what you are looking for?

We also provide design services for:

  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Adverts
  • Magazines
  • Vehicle Decals
  • Exhibition stands
  • Signage
  • ... plus lots more!

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