A full redesign and build to increase online credibility for AIM Ltd

The total overhaul of a dated static website using Umbraco improved the online presentation of the company

arrow_upward Visibility

Increased online presence with a clean professional looking website

arrow_downward Maintenance

The website needs little to no maintenance, just ticking away in the background

The Brief

AIM Limited, a leading company in advanced CNC machining, came to us with an out of date, static, and non-mobile friendly website ahead of a trade show where they wanted to make a good impression. They didn't need a massive or sudden boost in the marketing activity but it was time to give them a simple yet professional looking website. AIM ltd had a fresh logo to work with, a little photography and content which needed a small amount of revision. They also required stand designs and business cards to accompany them at the trade show.

The Process

We set to work with the usual sitemap and content plans & hierarchy to give the site a refresh and then handed over to the design team to work on the creative. The design team are great with the creative because they create the magic and let the development team worry about how to make it work. The design team used the hexagon shape of the new AIM logo to break out of the normal website style and used pin lines to imply the pinpoint accuracy of their specialty engineering – A nightmare to code but looks great in design!

The development of this website was challenging (who does hexagons!?) but totally worth it given the end results. It pushed what we had done with SVG's and image masks, even forcing Internet Explorer 11 to behave how we wanted it to. The site was built with our usual combination of Umbraco and our own responsive framework. We love using Umbraco because it allows us to design the website editors experience as much as it does the end users. Umbraco is also ridiculously fast at this level and allows us all the flexibility we need.

AIM ltd - Screen shot of AIM home page and CNC machining detail showing hexagonal design/theme
Example of the AIM home page and machining page.


Part way through this project we realised the photography provided wasn't quite hitting the spot, so we brought our photographer, Mike, onboard to solve that problem. Knowing the gaps we needed to fill, and briefed directly by the client to best capture what they do, we spent a day on site getting the right images we needed to complete the project.

  • AIM ltd - an image of machine process creating new metal items
  • AIM ltd - A close up image of metal swarf being milled off a metallic item
  • AIM ltd - an image of an Erowa Robot Dynamic working in a factory environment
  • AIM ltd - Three identical products freshly made off factory production line
  • AIM ltd - Close up image of a small metal item with precision drilled holes
  • AIM ltd - A product being scanned with a laser and imported into laptop software

Exhibition Stand

The website launch was to coincide with AIM ltd attending a tradeshow for which they needed a new exhibition stand to reflect their new online presence. Our design team has plenty of experience in the exhibition industry and had already worked the creative for the website. With the stand specs provided by the client and the use of the previously mentioned photography the new stand designs were easy to design and compliment the new website.

AIM ltd - Popup Stand displaying company overview. Designed by creatives at Mohunky.
Example exhibition stand.

The Outcome

The website was launched in time for the tradeshow, the stand was printed and looked great, and AIM could confidently give out business cards & handouts knowing that potential clients could see their skills and abilities on their new website.

AIM ltd - Screenshot of contact/work for us form with contact details and location map
Example of the AIM contact page

Ongoing support

AIM require very little support for the website as it is just a means of a professional online presence. They have full access to update blogs and news pages for when they need it. We are quite proud in the fact that the site is 4+ years old and hasn’t needed any maintenance!

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