A professional design and build for Andy Mole TaeKwonDo

Redesign and build of an old static website into sleek looking and easy to maintain Umbraco website

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Increase in new enquiries through the contact form

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Less time needed to manage the website

The Brief

Andy had a dated, static website which wasn’t giving the professional look he desired to represent his Tai Kwon Do coaching business. Andy tasked us with a full brand redesign plus website redesign and rebuild. The site needed to clearly advertise class times and venues for the three geographical areas they cover and have a new section dedicated to junior training.

Andy Mole Tae Kwon Do - Branding with a strong red and black theme

The Process

As always, our creative team started with the basics so we knew we had a solid foundation to continue building upon. We started with branding, colour palette, and logo design making sure we captured the essence of Andys business. The team developed a bold red logo which incorporated Andys initials (AM), the striking movements of Tai Kwon Do, and a hint of oriental brush strokes.

Andy suggested using black and red throughout the site, colours which are recognised as strong and proficient in the Tai Kwon Do industry. Other than that he was happy for our creative team to take the lead.

We then worked on the UI/UX, mapping and wireframing the new website, reworking and condensing the pages of the old site to make sure the key features, juniors, and classes, were now easily accessible and clear to the end user.

Andy Mole Tae Kwon Do - Screenshot of junior classes page giving information on what the classes offer
Examples of Andy Mole TKD home page and Junior classes page.

The Outcome

After launch and with an accompanying advertising campaign Andy saw an influx of new members. The new improved Umbraco website instilled trust to prospective students and showcased a leading and professional Tai Kwon Do coaching business.

Andy Mole Tae Kwon Do - Screenshot of classes page showing locations of all the venues
An example of Andy Mole TKD class schedule page.

Ongoing support

Andy prefers to let us handle the content updates which we carry out once or twice a year as classes, schedules, and venues change. We also look after the hosting of the website and email meaning Andy can focus on looking after his business, not his website.

During lockdown we expanded the site to include a members only section with individual login details. His members were able to access online tutorials and videos from home, including live streamed training sessions.

We've also created various print and social media advertising collateral for Andy over the years, helping to recruit new students. These have included Facebook and Instagram adverts, as well as print flyers.

Andy Mole Tae Kwon Do - Marketing/flyer/facebook examples showing venue and class times
Example of print flyers (left) and social media advertsing (right)

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