Onkoi, by Brookman Green. A wedding rental website design & build

A boutique style website with the accessibility to regularly update content and stock lists using Umbraco

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The Brief

To build a bespoke high end wedding furniture & décor hire website. The client, Onkoi, needed full access to add new products and amend product quantity with ease. The look and feel should be sophisticated yet trendy and be able to handle large amount of products. Due to the way Onkoi works they wanted the website to be an online catalogue where the customer can request items rather than ‘check out’ items. This is so they could still have direct contact with the customer and provide a personalised wedding planner service alongside the hire.

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Onkoi's wish list checkout service.

The Process

The design process was very client lead. They already had a strong idea of how they wanted the website to look and feel and just needed their ideas translating into digital format. With the help of our lead designer we made their ideas a reality and created a website with a sleek and sophisticated look which fits well in the wedding industry theme. The client had also done their research and wished for us to integrate RWElephant to use as their stock management system. This initially posed some interesting challenges but with a bit of debugging and some skilled custom code it was nothing we couldn’t overcome.

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Example of the Onkoi home page and rental catalogue page

The Outcomes

A beautiful hand crafted website for customers wanting to order wedding furniture and décor. Orders started coming in shortly after launch and the client could use the wish lists to ensure all requested products were available to hire and could arrange payment and hire details. This ensured that the personal wedding planner touch was not affected.

Ongoing Support

The website is easily updated by the client as and when products need adding and removing. We also look after the hosting of the website which gives Onkoi peace of mind.

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