Web Design in Clevedon

Why we choose to base our web design company in Clevedon

Well… Clevedon is just a beautiful place to be and offers so much more than just ‘a place to live and work’. Our experience of being based in Clevedon has been nothing but positive - from providing the inspiration to boost our creativity, to the friendly network of small businesses we are surrounded by, Clevedon offers everything mohunky needs.

We are so lucky the coastal scenery and natural beauty of Clevedon provides heaps of inspiration for creativity and innovation. Whenever we get stuck in a rut or are in need of stimulation, we just step out of the office! 

  • A photo of a young man riding his mountain bike round a sharp berm in woodland
  • Two ladies jumping off the marine lake pontoon in Clevedon, overlooking Clevedon pier
  • A dramatic image of a Clevedon sunset with a low fog rolling over the sea. Colours are warm oranges and purples

With a famous Victorian pier, awe inspiring sunsets, and an extremely popular outdoor swimming lake, the seafront is always a hit to get our ideas flowing. There is a historic cinema packed full of history where we can catch movies old and new, and an abundance of charming shops and independent cafes where we can meet clients for a friendly chat. Importantly, we chose to be based in Clevedon as it has a good network of small businesses and local traders in need of professional websites or digital marketing solutions.

While Clevedon itself may not be as popular as major cities, it's only a few miles out from Bristol which is fast becoming a top tech destination. With 2 excellent universities and tonnes of start-ups our proximity provides access to a diverse pool of talent, including designers, developers, and creatives. If we are feeling the need for a bit more hustle and bustle we just pop into the city to soak up the culture. Bristol is also home to Umbraco Bristol which is great as we can meet up for talks and socials to keep our fingers on the button – we get all the access to city life, whilst choosing the quieter world of Clevedon.

We wouldn’t chose anywhere else but Clevedon to base our web design company. 

(Photos supplied by our very own mohunky team mate Mike French)

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