Bespoke eCommerce Website Development

Starting with a solid Umbraco foundation, we'll build a bespoke eCommerce system to match your products and selling process.

Product Catalogue Managed by Umbraco

Whether we are using a pre-built checkout service, an Umbraco eCommerce system, or creating you a bespoke checkout service, Umbraco is amazing at handling content - Product content included! We use this strength to ensure your product catalogue is easy to navigate, easy to manage, and structured exactly the best way for your range and market. It is really simple to be in control of your Webshop.


eCommerce Checkout using SnipCart

SnipCart is our go to tool for most start up or smaller eCommerce stores. Snipcart is easy to use and handles the checkout, order processing, sales dashboard, and security of taking card payments - leaving us (and the budget) to concentrate on creating a fantastic website to sell your products.

We've also built ecommerce websites using Shopify, Stripe Checkout API and bespoke services such as transactionless  rental wishlisting catalogues.


Scalable from startup to Mass-product stores

Most businesses don't start with 100% complete product catalogues. They start smaller, grow, adapt, and evolve. No matter the technology used, we always look to the future and  build all of our eCommerce websites with this growth in mind.


Responsive Web Design & User Experience

Included in all of our website packages, Responsive Design and User Experience are essential basics in our design toolbox. There are so many different sized devices between mobile, tablet, and desktop. We believe all users should have an equal user experience on whatever device they favour, the quality should never differ. We consider every device right from the wireframe through to code to make sure your website works seamlessly no matter how your customers are viewing it.


Microsoft Azure Premium Website Hosting

The techy bit… We host all our websites on Microsoft Azure cloud computing service, using Virtual Machines or Web App Services. (Both use Microsoft-managed UK based data centres) Virtualised computing means we don't have to worry about hardware problems (disk drives corrupting, breaking, expiring) meaning less maintenance costs for us, you, and for your website.


Our Ecommerce Design & Build package



£ 7,500 + VAT

Do you need a professional and distinctive web shop which instils trust and confidence in your customers? Our custom built eCommerce package will set your sales alight and with unlimited products, gives your shop plenty of room to grow!

  • Custom design
  • 4 - 15 pages (plus support pages eg: Thank You, Sitemap and Small Print pages)
  • Unlimited products
  • Snipcart Integration
  • Blog/News Pages
  • Multiple Contact forms
  • Photo Gallery
  • Social Media links
  • SEO Friendly (Google likes you!)
  • Client access for future changes and amends
  • Easy to add upgrades and features as your business grows

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