A Multi Lingual website with room to grow for Prolectric

A scalable website which evolves with the business, rather than having to rebuild

arrow_upward Evolved

We evolved the website three times. The ability of Umbraco to easily upscale avoids costly rebuilds.

arrow_downward Reduced

Reduced manual input and interaction by integrating third party services such as Zoho.

The Brief

Prolectric came to us with an Umbraco 4 website full of discontinued products and in need of a website style refresh. The brief was nice and simple - refresh the design, rebuild, update the products, and add some additional functionality whilst there. We picked up the existing logo, colour scheme, and some of the typography and set to work.

Prolectric Branding 810Px Wide
Existing branding originally supplied by the client

The Process

Prolectric have a great range of products all aimed at helping reduce emissions or supply off-grid green energy. The first task was mapping out the old site and working out what we needed to keep and what was redundant/out of date. Next we started planning out user journeys and technical integrations, such as integrating Zoho CRM. Finally we cleaned up and refreshed the design giving it a bright and zingy feel.

Prolectric Screens 1220Px Wide – 1
Examples of the Prolectric home page and news page

The Outcome

We launched the refreshed, faster, mobile friendly, & search engine optimised website ready to grow with Prolectrics increasing product offering. Having removed the out of date products and created new modern product detail pages, including 360° spinners & video content, in order to best present their current products, Prolectric found an increase in sales. The new product pages also aided the internal sales and external marketing teams with their day to day tasks making it easier to find and relay product information to their customers. To help the sales processes internally we also achieved lead automation from the website into Prolectrics CRM.

Prolectric Screens 1220Px Wide – 2
Examples of a Prolectic product page and product category page

Ongoing support

Two years after the initial launch of their Umbraco v7 website, Prolectric looked to expand into French and Spanish markets. This involved an upgrade to Umbraco v8 to make the most of its built-in multi-lingual support. This was a relatively easy process with our views and code transferring over with minimal redevelopment. Once upgraded we created and soon launched www.prolectric.fr and www.prolectric.es clones of the primary English website. Since then we have continued with regular support and have recently upgraded to Umbraco v12, again with minimal redevelopment.

Prolectric Full Size Screen 1220Px Wide
Example of the Prolectric case studies page

The Savings Calculator

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Prolectric Full Size Screen 1220Px Wide – 2
Example of the Prolectric savings calculator starting page

The Photography

Our on-hand photographer Mike took all the additional photos we needed to populate the website and use in accompanying print & marketing materials. These included detailed images, product shots and artistic close ups. 

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